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Ales Sedlacek

Ales Sedlacek

Born 1947 in Prague, Czech Republic. From 1968 lived in Italy, where he had studied Accademia delle belle arti in Firenze. First one man show was in Prato, Italy in the year 1969. U.S. citizen since 1973, lived in Honolulu and now in Kauai, Hawaii. He has held more than 70 one man shows – Italy, California,…

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Still live with flowers on the table - 1992
Pastel on cardboard
34 x 27 cm
Two mugs and fruits in the basket oh the window - 1993
Oil on canvas
70 x 90 cm
Evening in the artist atelier, villa Smilea - 1994
Oil on canvas
63 x 97 cm
Still live with artist's palets - 1994
Oil on canvas
60 x 94 cm
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